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High-end models, Limited production

Design.....Kei Aruga
Supported players.....Tsutomu "BEN" Watanabe (C.U.G. Jazz Orchestra), Yoshihiko Miyanoshita
Builder.....All hand-made by Kei Aruga
Endorsers.....Tsutomu "BEN" Watanabe, Kuwano Nobuyoshi, Yamashita Shinichi, Kikuchi Hiroshi, Jay Thomas, etc.

Brasspire Unicorn

Brasspire Unicorn
High cost-performance model, Manufactured in Chinese skillful factory.
Designed and supervised by Master Kei Aruga.

Master Kei Aruga

Master Kei Aruga
Born in 1971 at Nagano, Japan.
He plays Trombone and Euphonium from Junior high-school.
He studied Trombone with John Marcellus (Eastman School of Music), Hara Genro (Pro Arte Musicae), and studied Jazz with Miyazaki Takahiro.
In 2007, he started working with MAC Corporation Japan as Chief engineer and Wind instruments manager. He spent several yeas for developing Brasspire instruments under close cooperation with professional musicians.
He has good friendship with Mr.Hans-Hermann Nienaber(Latzsch Custom Brass), Terry Warburton(Warburton Music Products) and many well-known craftsmen as well as the musicians.